This poem was inspired by Bigdaddyslim1393, SnowSchu, and DeadPirateGaming. The prompts were “Bioshock,” “garden,” and “flowers.” A little research discovered the Tea Garden from the first Bioshock game, and we drew further inspiration from that location and in-game events.

The Garden Crypt

February 26, 2016

A soap bubble trapped on the floor of the sea,
the place for happening couples to be:
within grow roses, lilies, violets, and more,
all blooming til one lies dead on the floor.

The Tea Garden is quiet and secrets it keeps,
while into the soil, regret and blood seeps.
Is a secret a secret when no one pays mind,
even though there is still a body to find?

Quiet and lonely while pressure finds fault,
the beautiful blossoms all flecked with salt,
blood flows in a river where water once ran.
Will a patient sea drown this one guilty man?

The Garden Crypt