This short story was inspired by conversations in the Think Tank about creepypastas and what their favorite ones were. Rather than go the route of a SCP-type story, we decided to write one in a classic format.


March 18, 2016

I watch a lot of Twitch, especially when I can’t sleep at night. I don’t really follow anyone in particular, so I spend a lot of time browsing Minecraft. A few weeks ago, a notification popped up, telling me a channel went live. I didn’t recognize the name, but it could have been someone I followed randomly, so I clicked the link. The stream kept buffering, but people in chat were talking about the game, so we just kept talking, waiting for the stream to kick in. It took a few minutes for us all to realize that none of us remembered following this guy. I clicked on his profile link, but the page refused to load. I didn’t really think much of it at the time. Someone else in chat said that he tried checking out the guy’s profile, too, but his browser froze, too.

We started getting tired of waiting. People started talking about leaving when the caster started talking to us.

Srry for the delay

my net is hiccuping

give me just a second

I decided to stick around with a couple people. I wasn’t tired, and I didn’t have anything better to do. The stream just kept buffering. There was no sound, either, of course. Coffee4dayz said “DUDE THE BUFFER RING” I didn’t get what he meant. The buffer ring was going backwards and I hadn’t noticed until just now.

I watched the ring for just a couple seconds. When I looked back to chat, I saw hours of chat had scrolled by, with new people talking about the shit we’d been talking about. I tried whispering Coffee4dayz and got no response. I figured he was stuck on the ring, too. “DONT LOOK AT THE BUFFER RING” but no one acted like they read what I typed. I tried again with “LEAVE THE CHANNEL” and shit like that, but everyone just kept on talking about Minecraft, then someone would mention the buffer and chat would go quiet until new people showed up.

Finally, I got sick of it and just closed the window. My browser froze and gave me the swirling circle cursor, like it couldn’t decide what it wanted to do. The buffer ring stopped spinning. Finally. Chat froze, too. While I waited for it to shut down or error out or whatever, I stood up to get a new cup of coffee. Mine went cold hours ago. But before I could leave my desk, I saw chat move again, even with the thinking cursor. The caster started talking again.

Where r u going?

I said i was srry

plz just give me a second

I sat back down. What a dumb mistake. I waited and watched the frozen browser window, still stuck on the same stupid frozen stream. I tried typing back, but the window, like I said, was stuck, still thinking about if it should shut down or not. Then the stream changed. The buffer symbol finally disappeared, and a webcam came on.

It showed a bedroom wall with a green sheet tacked to it, a cheap and easy greenscreen set up. The quality was shit, and it stuttered like an old cam. Still no sound, nobody walked around or tested their mic. No one sat at the desk or anything, so I grabbed my mouse, tried to exit again. Still nothing. I waited, why, I don’t know. Now I was curious, kinda freaked out, but it seemed like no big deal. Guy was resetting his router or something. My cursor still spun, so I wiggled my mouse, trying to get it to snap out of it. That’s when I noticed it was spinning backwards, too.

Okay i’m here

thx for waiting 🙂

I barely noticed chat move, but when I glanced at it, that’s when the stream changed again. The green sheet shifted like someone had opened a door or something, so I figured whoever it was was coming back. There was still no sound output. The whole set up jumped, like someone had bumped into it. It jumped again, and again. This must be this guy’s first stream or something. No one was gonna hang around if this is how he always started.

Whatever it was knocked into it again, and the webcam fell, right into the rat’s nest of cables this guy had under his desk. At least now I could see this guy’s room, upside down because of how the cam had landed. His bed was a mess, piles of clothes everywhere. Even though the webcam quality was garbage, I could see stuttering movement half hidden under the bed.  It took me a while to realize that what I was seeing, upside down, were hands and Lego blocks.

Every few moments, I caught a glimpse of eyes, fucking huge eyes, unreal and black, like a cat that’s seen some shit. They caught light and reflected red, like someone taking a picture with a bad flash.

These hands kept picking up Lego blocks and sticking them together, pulling them apart, sticking them back together. Then those eyes would look at the upside down webcam. I stared at the stream, watching him build and tear down these Lego blocks. I grabbed my mouse and went for the exit button again.

He paused his building and stared directly at the webcam with those red fucking cat eyes. I saw chat move again.

So do u like Minecraft? 🙂

When I looked back to the stream, a wide, toothy grin had split the bottom half of his face in half. He was staring at the cam, half his face filled with teeth, the other half with those huge eyes.

I fucking pulled the plug, yanked it right out of the wall. I hadn’t turned lights on in my apartment, so everything was black. Man, I was freaking out. I didn’t need that shit right now. I started to calm down, thought about getting some late night McDonald’s, and my phone went off. It was on the couch, across the apartment, where I’d tossed it after work. I stood up from my desk and went to grab it.

When I walked past my bed, I stepped on something stupidly sharp. It hurt like hell, but when I checked to see what it was, I saw a Lego on the floor. I don’t own Legos. My phone pinged again from across the room. I ran for it, grabbed it, my jacket, and shoes, and bolted out of my apartment.

I checked my phone when I made it to the McDonald’s. It was another go-live notification for the channel. The thumbnail was still black. I ignored it. I tried to navigate to the guy’s profile to unfollow him, but I kept getting “Network error. Please try again later”. The hairs on my neck were standing straight up, so I said, fuck it and uninstalled the app from my phone. About the time I’d gotten my McChicken and sat down, my phone pinged again. Another go-live notification. I checked my app list. No Twitch App.

That happened a few weeks ago. I still get phone notifications every so often, even though I got a completely new phone. Every once in a while, in a Minecraft stream, I’ll see that username pop up with “So do u like Minecraft? :)” No one ever replies. I don’t. And neither should you.

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