This is going to be a short page because, let’s face it, no one likes regulations.

  • Respect those around you, caster and chat alike.
  • Keep it clean and keep it classy. After hours streams like #TVS are exceptions.
  • No discussing trigger topics (religion, politics, etc.) in an incendiary manner.
  • Spamming is rewarded by purges. Continued spamming will result in a ban.
  • No unsolicited backseat gaming. Gelf will specifically ask chat for help, and then it is okay to give hints, not instructions.

SixFootGelfling Streams are all considered Mature, even though the games we play may not be rated such. Sometimes, we will play some games with adult content, such as violence against others and self, sexual themes, language, etc., and it is up to the viewer to decide if or what they can or cannot watch. If you are viewing, both caster and mods will assume that you are eighteen years of age or older, due to the age gate you had to click in order to watch in the first place.

SixFootGelfling Streams abide strictly to the Twitch Rules of Conduct and Terms of Service regarding prohibited games.

If any of these rules are just too darn strict, you are welcome to leave at your leisure.