Want to support the stream? First off, thank you! There are a lot of different ways to help out the stream, caster and channel alike.


6FG is more than just a Twitch Channel! A wonderful community has grown from regulars and newcomers alike, affectionately nicknamed The Think Tank. Being in the channel when we’re live is a great way to contribute. The path to partnership is long and arduous, but you can make it happen just by hanging out and being friendly. Subscribe on YouTube to be the first to get alerts when a new video is posted, follow and engage on Twitter, and join the off-stream conversations on Discord.

The Think Tank is a community, and no community grows without good people.


Tip your streamer!

The easiest, most convenient way to support the stream is a simple tip. All tips go directly towards the stream in the form of new games, equipment upgrades, and streamer fuel (tea, coffee, amaretto, Deep Eddy’s Ruby Red, etc.). Also, keep an eye out for challenges and take part! Tips may drive a marathon longer, change up the rule game, or otherwise affect the stream in unknown and mysterious ways.

Tips are currently going towards TwitchCon!

TwitchCon 2016

Become a Patron!

If you enjoy the stream and are willing to become a monthly patron, please check out my Patreon. There are varying levels of giving of which you can take advantage that will get you early access to writings, special content, and patron-only fiction pieces.

Give the gift of game!

The best gifts are ones that keep on giving! Take a peek at my Steam or GOG wishlists and see if there’s something there you like and want to see me play!

Get an extra code during a Humble Bundle? Old game sitting in your Steam Inventory collecting dust? Find a title you think I’d really enjoy? Most gifted games have found their way onto the stream, so if you want to see something that I don’t own, this could be a solid option.

Give the gift of art!

Art comes in many forms: quick doodles, full-blown pieces, music, and more. Any gifts designed by you are very welcome, and I greatly appreciate anyone who creates something from their imaginations!

Or just give a gift!

Looking for a more physical way to support the stream? If you want, I do have an Amazon Wishlist set up that you can peruse to your heart’s content.


Got an idea not listed here? Let me know!