One woman dares to take on all that the adventure game genre has to offer! Travel from quirky and endearing pirate ships and clockwork cities to the darkest reaches of the human psyche by way of story-driven gameplay in one of the most overlooked and under-appreciated gaming niches: point-and-click adventures.

(Known 'round these parts as SixFootGelfling, Gelf, or 6FG) I am a freelance copy writer with a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree in Creative Writing and a prolific adventure gamer who grew on on Myst and Septerra Core. Since November 5, 2014, I have held a steady schedule as a part-time livestreamer and content creator. With almost 200 games completed live, I'm always searching for popular, obscure, and everything-in-between games that offer both quality narrative and and enjoyable gaming experience.

I also host a casual weekly stream that focuses on the creative process, from prose to poetry, perlers to emotes, logos to sketching and drawing. Creative/Casual Friday is the day we take to relax, brainstorm, chat, and decompress together.

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