Curious what the different shows SixFootGelfling offers? Here’s your rundown of each:

Point & Klepto

We're gonna try to avoid this kind of situation at all costs.The original SixFootGelfling Stream. This show features story-driven adventure gaming, constant streamer-viewer interaction, and a safe, positive environment where people can enjoy a fun experience and maybe discover an obscure game (or re-discover an old favorite).

Most games played on Point & Klepto are played blind and, because of this, demand a strict no backseating policy. Sometimes, Gelf gets stuck and will ask for help (rather than force you to sit through three hours of trying to figure out what the damned lever does). Then, it’s a fun game of hints and riddles from you!

“If I can’t figure it out, you will. If we can’t figure it out, well…it probably isn’t a very good game.”

Experimental Creative Writing

The most recent addition to the active stream roster is a once-a-week Creative Writing stream. Viewer interaction is greatly encouraged! Depending on the goal for the day, some streams will be more immersive than others, but viewers can always follow along with the !doc command.

Sometimes, Gelf will throw a little experimentation into the mix and work on viewer-prompted poetry, short stories, or even draw, just for fun! Right now, the big project is a continuing effort to write a chat-driven choose-your-own-adventure style story with several branches and multiple endings featuring Aurafi, an android character designed by viewers.

#TVS, or #TeamVigorousStomping

Every once in a while, Gelf will team up with EllaBurkan for some co-op ass-kicking action like Dead Space 3 or Borderlands. These streams are not consistently scheduled as real life oft interferes, but announcements will go out on Twitter and Discord as soon as they’re settled. Please be aware that #TVS is generally an evening or late night show, and the attitude will reflect the hour and amount of alcohol or sugar highs being suffered at the time.

On a Whim or other Co-Casting Endeavors

In the past, Gelf has co-streamed games like the Fatal Frame series with close friends CareLevelZero and Alorachan. These types of streams will generally be announced days or weeks in advance.

She can also go live for random, late-night whims. Unannounced and probably unprepared, the best chance to catch these little gems is to watch your Twitch notifications or Gelf’s Twitter.